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Nirvana Beads, about us

Wholesale Czech Glass Beads  . . . From Artist to Artist

Nirvana Beads continues to grow by consistently innovating new product ideas, using the highest quality Czech Glass.

We customize our own productions to create more imaginative choices for our customers, delivering “artist to artist” merchandise while continuing our support for traditional Czech bead craftsmanship.

Founded in 2006 by Nir Kronenberg, Nirvana works closely with the artisans of Jablonec in the Czech Republic, who still make small-batch pieces--some hand-finished individually--in an industry outpaced by globalization.

Preserving the Rich Heritage of Authentic Artistry, New Designs to Serve Our Customers

The glorious tradition of Czech glass beads and buttons once dazzled in the elegant fashion shows of Pre-War Paris. Nirvana Beads strives to bring new excitement to these timeless molds, offering custom colors and finishes made with tools and techniques that reach back to the late 1700s.

We’re committed to bringing more aesthetic options to serve bead artists everywhere. So many of the best bead shops, bead-weaving designers, bead embroidery designers and other beadwork artisans have embraced the Nirvana difference and have been with us for many years.

Exceptional Czech Glass Made by the Artisans of Jablonec

As experienced artists and bead people know, there are colors and finishes—especially those made by skilled artisans -- that are too subtle for the camera, with textures that need to be touched.

Dedicated to customer service, we believe it’s worth the extra time, cost and effort to bring our products to you directly. Please email or call us now if you'd like your shop included on our next trip!

The More Beads We Sell, the More We Can Help Others

From our founder to the good people working the shipping dock, we know that everything we do is possible because of you. Our good will projects around the world continue to benefit those in need.